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Laws and state structure of the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation consists of republics, territories (krai), regions, cities with federal status, autonomous region and autonomous areas, known as federal subjects. Laws and regulatory legal acts of federal subjects are issued within Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation.

As of foreigners staying on the territory of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to note the following:

  1. visa regulations and requirements shall be strictly observed (you are not allowed by the Russian authorities to exit the territory of the Russian Federation with an expired visa. Violations of visa regime in overstaying are considered by the court, which means detention of visa violator in a foreign state for a long period. The violation of visa and immigration laws will lead to penalties and possible ban on entry into the territory of the Russian Federation in future);

  2. migration cards must be carried at all times while in Russia;

  3. residence registration, in case the visit period exceeds 13 days;

  4. you must carry the following documents with you all the time: passport, migration card, residence registration;

  5. According to the laws of the Russian Federation, an amount of money up to the equivalent of 10 000 USD shall not be declared. If you import over 10 000 USD, you must complete a customs declaration form and it should be submitted before you pass the customs control.