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About the UAE

General information


Islam is the official religion of the UAE, which is widely practiced by Emirati nationals as well as expatriates originating from other Arab countries, Pakistan, Africa and India, amongst others. The UAE is tolerant of other religions and residents and visitors who profess a different faith are entitled to perform their religious duties.


Although Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is widely spoken by the general population. Most airlines, hotels, malls and restaurants employ multi-lingual staff or crew who are conversant in Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Russian, French, German or Chinese, among other languages, besides English and Arabic. Taxi drivers are conversant in English, Arabic or Urdu/Hindi.


The UAE’s climate is subtropical, with temperatures that vary from warm in the winter months to hot in the summer. Sunny blue skies prevail throughout the year and rainfall is infrequent. The weather in the UAE is most appealing in the period between November (average 23° C/73.4° F) through March (average 22° C/71.6° F). The thermometer starts to climb in April, and continues to climb steadily to reach the Emirate’s hottest month in August at an average temperature of 44.9° C/112.8° F; humidity can be high in the summer months.